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Here are examples of my paintings and murals. Just click your way around.

See more about this projectCoral Gator - Oceanscape
Subject:Underwater Location:Tequesta, FL
A painting of tropical fish in an underwater seascape. Painted with acrylic on glass, for a aquariaum and reptile shop. 5' x 15'.

See more about this projectTripper's Sports Bar
Subject:Film Noir Location:East Lansing, MI
This 12'x20' latex painting was created for the entrance of a cigar bar within a sports bar. The entire hallway was designed and build by me including fake brick, signs, and windows.

See more about this projectCoral Gator - Reptiles
Subject:Reptiles/Landscape Location:Tequesta, FL
This mural was painted with acrylic on glass by handpainting with very little air-brush. All the reptiles in the painting can be bought at the store.

See more about this projectMurphy's Law Irish Pub
Subject:Celtic Design Location:Ft. Lauderdale, FL
The first painting has 120' of Celtic knotwork combined with 10 river gods from Irish legends. Also a narrow hallway way built to resemble an Irish street scene using real wood carvings, Plexiglas windows, and illusion painting.

See more about this projectAy Jalisco! Mexican Restaurant
Subject:Mexico Location:Vero Beach , FL
Two paintings dealing with a Mexican theme. One of a 1912 Mexican 10-peso bank note and another painting of thier logo fully rendered.

See more about this projectMichigan State University Paintings
Subject:Physicians Location:East Lansing, MI
These four paintings were created for M.S.U. College of Osteopathic Medicine. The images include the founder of this branch of medicine, A.T. Stills. Each one is a combination of airbrushing/hand painting acrylic on canvass.

See more about this projectAardvark's Odd Ark
Subject:Movie Stars Location:Hollywood, CA
These 15 portraits are painted on Melrose Avenue, in Los Angeles. The approximate size of each one is 4'x3'. The medium was exterior latex.

See more about this projectAy Jalisco 3! Mexican Restaurant
Subject:Mexico Location:Sebastion , FL
Several acrylic paintings dealing with a Mexican theme. One of a 12' x 5' sunset in Jalisco, Mexico painted on the inside of a glass window and three other paintings.

See more about this projectMichigan State University Mural
Subject:Physicians Location:East Lansing, MI
This 7'x21' oil-based mural was hand-painted and airbrushed. It is located in Fee Hall on the ground floor of the Osteopathic School of MSU and was created to represent the different aspects of medicine.

See more about this projectThunder and Lighting Bar and Grill aka "Long Wongs"
Subject:South West Location:Scottsdale, AZ
This restaurant and bar, located in Scottsdale Arizona, has a southwestern motif. The interior mural painted was 5'x 60', and done in oil base enamel.

See more about this projectModern Skate and Surf
Subject:Snowboarding Location:Royal Oak, MI
This skateboard and snowboard shop had an 12'x14' wall they wanted something painted on to improve the look of the shop. It is painted in oil-based enamel with a combination of hand-painting and airbrushing.

See more about this projectHawaiian Wave
Subject:Surf Style Location:Phoenix, AZ
There were several objects painted in this Hawaiian restaurant and Bar including booths, air-vents, and cupboards.

See more about this projectCoral Gator - Cichlids
Subject:Underwater Location:Tequesta, FL
A painting og African Cichlids in acrylic on glass.

See more about this projectRancho Chico Mexican Restaurant
Subject:Village Location:Tequesta, FL
A mural at Mexican restaurant along with some decorative painting on the booth dividers.

See more about this projectTray Ceiling - Jupiter Island Residence
Subject:Decorative Sky Location:Jupiter, FL
A cloud ceiling and Trompe L'Oeil railing.

Painting of Marilyn Monroe
Subject:Marilyn Monroe Location:East Lansing, MI
A painting of Marilyn Monroe.
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