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Other Work:
Ranging from digital work, signs, and sculpture, and faux finish, I have learned many skills along the way besides painting. Any modern artist is multi-faceted and as a creator, I could not see limiting my expression to a single rule set or media. But in most cases there is no place for the odds and ends that truely represent an artist. That's what this page is for.

See more about this projectDigital - This is a listing of active websites I have created, as well as the one you are looking at, using applications such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, and Flash.


See more about this projectSculpture - I love sculpture and wish I had the studio space to persue it. But I have managed to make a few objects along the way. Alot of found object pieces.


See more about this projectFaux Finish / Trompe-Loeil - I have lumped all of my faux finish (false finish) and Trompe Loeil (fool the eye) in this section. Everything in this catagory is an illusion done with paint to mimic space, texture, and material. A very effective art form.


See more about this projectSigns - Signs are for a fine artist, all things evil about the creative process, but I wanted to show them anyway. Hey, I was hungry and in the end, they didn't suck either.
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